Full mouth implants /implant supported dentures

With full mouth implant, you can expect to restore full masticatory function and better aesthetics than having a denture. Full mouth implant operation is a large-scale operation requiring 8 to 20 implants placement and multiple bridges connecting the implants.

Pontics (artificial teeth) are fixed with implants and has esthetics and functionality like that of natural teeth. 

Implant supported denture is a great alternative to patients that are not eligible for full mouth implant surgery. It involves 4~8 implant placements. Unlike traditional full denture, as implants are supporting the denture from moving, patient can expect better functionality than traditional full denture. And just like traditional denture, patient can easily remove and reattach the denture.

Full mouth implants /implant supported dentures

Although dentures have been used in the past, you can expect masticatory function and aesthetic effects with full jaw implants. Full jaw implants are a large-scale operation requiring 16 to 20 implants to be placed. As it is a high-level operation, the patient’s oral condition is carefully analyzed .

​​​​​​​​​​​It is impossible to attach and detach teeth , and it has esthetics and functionality similar to natural teeth . It serves to hold artificial teeth, and the maximum number of implants is about 12 for each of the upper and lower implants .

​​​​​​​​It is possible to attach and detach teeth , and it has esthetics similar to natural teeth. It has 60~70% functionality compared to natural teeth, and serves to connect the dentures to the gums. The maximum number of implants is 2-4 above and below .

treatment period

In general, the maxilla needs about 5-6 months and the mandible takes 3 months to heal. Usually, the upper jaw is placed first and then the lower jaw is placed.

Full jaw implants are recommended for these people.

  • If you have lost all your teeth due to oral diseases such as caries or gum disease
  • If you have lost all your teeth due to an accident, etc.

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